'Telling Jokes For Two' - Physical CD (PREORDER)

'Telling Jokes For Two' - Physical CD (PREORDER)


*** Album ships on release date January 25, 2019***

After touring the country for over 6 years, surviving 2 strokes, and recording this album at a little over 7 months pregnant, Blayr Nias is one bad mother!  Her debut album “Telling Jokes for Two” is not only her punched up perspective on the perils of pregnancy, but full of cautionary tales covering everything from living in the South as a Yankee and interracial dating to politics, sex, and her crazy mom.  Nothing is off limits with this Nias who delivers jokes that are not only silly but smart. Her lightning wit and self deprecating humor is unapologetic, refreshing, and relatable.   


1.) "You Can Twerk Pregnant"

2.) "Blake Griffin"

3.) "Drunk Sperm"

4.) Pregnancy Perks"

5.) "Everything's Coming Off"

6.) "Sober Sex"

7.) "Your Refrigerator Door Is Open"

8.) "Zebra Babies"

9.) "Drake and Obama"

10.) "An Educated Black"

11.) "Interracial Dating"

12.) "Moon Cricket"

13.) "Redneck Superhero"

14.) "Bipolar"

15.) "Krispy Kreme County"

16.) "Day Drinking"

17.) "I Believe This Is Yours"

18.) "Drinking Games"
19.) "Unkidnapable"

20.) "Harriet Tubman"

21.) "Ghost Adventures"

22.) "Social Equality PSA"

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